So, What Is Mystics Live?


If you haven’t noticed by now, we have been putting out a lot of content this past week about the WNBA’s Washington Mystics. While it may not be the most mainstream sports team out there, it is certainly a strong brand and a franchise that is on the leading edge of enhancing the spectator experience at games.

The “Mystics Live” app, created by Kiswe Mobile, is just one of those ways that the watching the Mystics is a different and innovative experience of watching women’s basketball. The app’s layout allows users to choose how to watch games in a way that brings them the most enjoyment.

Features of the Mystics Live app include:

  • Different camera angles so the user can choose how they want to view the game (from a traditional style to a baseline camera often associated with video games like the NBA 2K series)
  • Live box scores to make checking statistics easy and accessible
  • A rewind button to replay spectacular moments or just something the viewer might have missed while watching the game in person
  • Highlight reels of Mystics players which fans can then share with their friends on social media with the click of a button

Mystics Live enhances the viewing experience for Mystics fans and enables them to watch games however they so choose. It gives control of the viewing experience to the fan, which is ultimately what many people want while watching sports: a sense of personalization that makes the experience their own. The app is available for iPhones, iPads, and iPods in the Apple App Store and for Droids and Androids in the Play Store. We are very impressed with what Kiswe Mobile has done so far with the Mystics Live app and how it will continue to grow.

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Carl Yedor
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