The Illest: Ivory Latta Enters the Sneaker Market


Like former Hoya great Allen Iverson, Ivory Latta can cross you up in her signature shoe. Latta is not afraid to make that comparison either, as she mentioned in her recent interview with Nick Metallinos (@nickmetallinos) from Latta says that the company Infinity allowed her to design the shoe in any fashion she desired.


She cites the Jordan 11’s as an inspiration for her sneaker, “The Illest.” The red is not just homage to Jordan; as Latta mentions, “women wear red bottoms off the court, I wear red bottoms on the court.” The point guard also makes it known that the shoe is inexpensive because she wants to make them affordable for the kids from poorer households. Regardless of what sneaker she has been wearing, the former Tar Heel has torn up the WNBA this season. Following her All-Star selection earlier in the season, Latta has been a major reason for the Mystics’ recent success and has helped put the team into the thick of the playoff race, leading the league in both three-pointers made and attempted in the process.

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