Geno Auriemma’s Big Three


The University of Connecticut’s women’s basketball program has left a dynastic imprint on women’s basketball in the past two decades, churning out WNBA stars by the dozen. Maya Moore, Sue Bird, and Diana Taurasi are just a few from a long list of great players. However, none of these players have attempted to reunite at the professional level to form a “super team,” a la the Miami Heat of 2010. The 2013-14 Connecticut women’s team went 40-0 due in large part to the contributions of Breanna Stewart, Bria Hartley, and Stefanie Dolson. The ladies averaged over 30 minutes per game each, were the top three scorers on the team, and worked well together to become one of the best trios in NCAA history. Stewart paired with Dolson to form an intimidating inside presence that both produced a bunch of easy buckets and limited the opposition’s points in the paint. Hartley served as the playmaker of the offense, dishing the ball to the other two for easy baskets.


Currently, Dolson is a serviceable backup center for the Mystics while Hartley has already cracked the starting line-up for Washington. Blogger Albert Lee (@aleeinthedmv) suggests that a subpar 2015 season could possibly reunite the 2013 NCAA champions. If so, the Mystics could potentially become a WNBA powerhouse, as their chemistry from college could translate to the professional level in addition to their continued improvement. “Auriemma’s Big Three” could alter the WNBA landscape for a decade if Stewart lands on the Mystics.

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