Link Drop 10/17

We’ve decided to start doing a link drop on the blog to give you an idea of other places to look for interesting sports content. If we mention a weekly column/video/podcast/etc., it probably will not show up again in this space. Read something insightful? Let us know!

Kirk Goldsberry visualizes ShotScore, how efficiently NBA players shoot, relative to league average, depending on their location on the court. Would love to see defender distance incorporated into the metric. – Nik Oza

Bloomberg takes a look at how Seattle Sounders FC has such high attendance. Probably helps that there is no NBA team in Seattle and the Sounders fill the fans’ void. – Carl Yedor posted an article written by a member of the Harvard Sports Analysis Collective (HSAC) on the Patriots’ decision making on two 4th downs. Interesting conflict between two analytical methods.– Carl Yedor

After seeing the rights to the Premier League slip through their fingers to NBC Sports, Fox has pounced to ink a 5-year deal with the German Bundesliga for their television rights. Not only will Fox have the domestic rights to Germany’s top league, they’ll be broadcasting the games around the world. No price figure has come in yet, but it figures to be substantially less than the Premier League. Come 2015-16, it will be fascinating to see if the German league can take off here in the States like the Premier League has. – Peter Barston

Bill Barnwell analyzes some of the best (and worst) calls made by football coaches in the NFL in his weekly “Thank You for Not Coaching” column. Fun to read, he takes Twitter suggestions for the column occasionally. – Carl Yedor

Trivia Question: When was the last time a player from the National League had the highest annual salary in the MLB and who was it? First person to email Carl ( with the correct answer gets a shout out in the next link drop.

Thanks all, and happy reading.

The GSABR Team

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